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Dear Shoppers,
Welcome to QQ Gaming, please read our Terms & Condition before proceeding into ordering of any items. Any doubts on purchasing, you may refer to Step By Step for more details. If you have any enquiry or compliments (:D) on our products, promotions or methods of payment, please do not hesitate to Email US, We welcome any question on our products before you decide to make your purchase. Thank you & we hope you enjoy your stay.

About Us

QQ GAMING, it was formed since 2009. We are based at singapore, evolved over time to provide you with more choices and enjoyable shopping experiences, one after another.

Our Aims
1) Establishing trust and credibility, which will go a long way.
2) Care for you and your items.
3) Keep things simple to provide a pleasant online shopping experience.

Our Firm Beliefs
1) Every customer is important to us and we'll do our utmost best to go that extra mile for you.
2) We believe in establishing trust and credibility for the long-term run.

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